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Ethereum Community Fund

  • Our goals
  • Who we are
  • First grantees
  • The way forward
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We are driven by the need for change and the willingness to work as a globalized tech community, towards many goals for the greater good. The next ecosystem frontier has landed.

Our goals

  • To provide a financial endowment to projects building core open-source infrastructure, tooling and applications
  • To provide grants to research endeavors that benefit the ecosystem directly
  • To support community initiatives
  • To aid shaping the strategic direction of  the space towards mainstream adoption

Who we are

We are a diverse conglomerate of Blockchain projects and entities who recently decided to come together and identify the core issues within our Ecosystem and take pragmatic steps towards solutions.



Members: Cosmos - OmiseGo - Golem - Web3 Foundation - Global Brain

 Maker - Raiden 

Tokyo Presentation: first grantees

First Grantees

Reality Keys

Prysmatic Labs

XLNT Protocol

Swingby Protocol



The way forward

We would like to open our initiative to a broader community. Get in touch, let’s discuss and think about how we can improve, thrive, and collectively contribute. Let’s all unite, and work together towards a better, brighter future.

Join our movement!

Website: https://ecf.network

Twitter: @EthereumECF

Medium: https://medium.com/ecf-review/​

ECF Presentation v1

By The Golem Project

ECF Presentation v1

First ECF Presentation for Shanghai and Beijing

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