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We are driven by the need for change and the willingness to work as a globalized tech community, towards  the greater good.

Why ECF?

Infrastructure improvements are needed in order to achieve mass adoption

- Scaling

- UX

- Security

- Education

- Many of these projects are not inherently profitable

- Some products don’t need to be commercialized 

- If no single entity will own the product then there’s no reason to “invest” in the usual sense

Why ECF?

Coming together to make open source/decentralized infrastructure solutions boosts the value of the whole ecosystem



- Fund infrastructure projects, focus on L2 solutions, scaling, education, developer tooling

- Initiatives that boost the ecosystem as a whole rather than any single entity - grants team is neutral to founding projects and has tiebreaker vote


- Encourage collaboration in building key infrastructure pieces

- Open source & decentralized projects

- No equity/ownership by ECF - simply incentivize projects to develop solutions


EF/ECF are aligned in vision but not operationally tied - collaborating to fund complementary initiatives


- New members

- Grantees

Progress report

Get in touch!

Get in touch!


Twitter: @EthereumECF


ECF EdCon presentation

By The Golem Project

ECF EdCon presentation

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